Printer may refer to:

  • Printer (publishing), a person or a company
  • Printer (computing), a hardware device
  • Optical printer for motion picture films
  • The Moscow subway station Pechatniki, whose name means "Printers"

Other articles related to "printer, printers":

Lp0 On Fire - History
... The first documented fire-starting printer was a Stromberg-Carlson 5000 xerographic printer, installed around 1959 at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and ... This fire risk was aggravated by the fact that if the printer continued to operate, it would essentially stoke the oven with fresh paper at high speed ... As the technology matured, most large printer installations were drum printers, a type of impact printer which could print an entire line of text at once through the use of a high ...
Color Laser Writer - Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS
... W x D) 18 x 21 x 23 in The Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS is a color laser printer introduced by Apple in October 1996 ... The printer became a workhorse used in Kinko's copy stores across the United States ... The printer's weight, size, speed of printing, and high cost of purchase, operation and maintenance were its chief drawbacks ...
Samuel Green (printer)
... Samuel Green (c.1614-January 1, 1702) was an American printer and progenitor of the Green family of printers, which included Bartholomew Green, Bartholomew ... He was one of the first American printers while he arrived in America eight years before Stephen Daye, there is no record of him being a printer until ten ... Green had nineteen children by two wives, and his descendants were printers in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia, among other places ...
Lp0 On Fire
... lp0 on fire (aka Printer on Fire) is a semi-obsolete error message generated on some Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems in response to certain types of printer errors ... lp0 is the Unix device handle for the first line printer, but the error can be displayed for any printer attached to a Unix/Linux system ... and does not reliably indicate whether the printer in question is actually aflame ...

Famous quotes containing the word printer:

    Now William pulled the lever down,
    And click-clack went the printing-press.
    William was the only printer in town
    Who had peeped while the angels undress.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Although then a printer by trade, he listed himself in this early directory as an antiquarian. When he was asked the reason for this he replied that he always thought every town should have at least one antiquarian, and since none appeared for the post, he volunteered.
    —For the State of Iowa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)