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Timeline Of Cherokee Removal - 1811–1829
... Black Fox died, after having been restored as principal chief ... Hicks as assistant principal chief. 1820 John Jolly succeeded his brother Ataluntiski as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation West ...
Timeline Of Cherokee Removal - 1830s - 1839–1840
... April 1839 Yonaguska, Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, died and his adopted son William Holland Thomas succeeded him ... Brown, formerly of Chattanooga area, was elected principal chief ... a reunited Cherokee Nation, and they elect Ross as principal chief ...
Timeline Of Cherokee Removal - 1775–1811
... of Old Tassel, the tribe's leading chief and several other leaders ... Little Turkey, a former warrior, was elected Principal Chief of the Nation, but Hanging Maw claimed the title by tradition. 1794 Little Turkey was recognized by all Cherokee as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and the Cherokee National Council was formally ...
Seminole Nation Of Oklahoma - Notable Oklahoma Seminoles
1881), chief during the Trail of Tears John Frippo Brown, last elected Principal Chief before allotment, dissolution of government, and statehood Alice Brown Davis (1852–1935), appointed in 1922 by President ... Harding as Principal Chief, first woman in that position William Dawson (Seminole), Oklahoma state senator representing the district of Seminole, and ... painter, printmaker, and youth advocate Jim Jumper, principal chief, 1853-post Civil War, until US interfered with tribal succession Micanopy, principal ...
... Tagwadihi ("Catawba-killer"), better known as The Glass, was a leading chief of the Cherokee in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, eventually becoming the last principal chief of the ... at Nickajack (of the Five Lower Towns) after 1782, he remained one of the chief leaders of the Chickamauga throughout the wars, leading raids and war ... with Joseph Brandt, the Mohawk, who was the head chief of the Six Nations and had the same year as the treaty initiated the formation of the Western Confederacy to resist American incursions into the Old ...

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