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Prince Tudor Theory - Prince Tudor Part I - Later Writers
... The Prince Tudor theory was further expanded by Elisabeth Sears' Shakespeare and the Tudor Rose (2002), Hank Whittemore's The Monument (2005), and Helen Heightsman Gordon's The Secret Love Story in ... Gordon emphasizes the love story between Elizabeth Tudor and Edward De Vere, citing an alleged historical reference to their love affair in 1572–73 ... The term "Prince Tudor" was also used by Baconians who continued to follow the ideas of Owen and Gallup ...
Prince Tudor Theory - Prince Tudor Part II
... of the Oxfordian form of the theory, known as Prince Tudor Theory Part II, advances the belief that Oxford was the son of Queen Elizabeth I, born in ... Oxford Son of Queen Elizabeth I (2001) by Paul Streitz is the primary work advancing Prince Tudor Theory Part II ... This aspect of the Prince Tudor Part II theory is not widely accepted among Oxfordians most believe that the established date of birth for Oxford (April 12, 1550) is accurate ...

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