Primary Mirror

A primary mirror (or primary) is the principal light-gathering surface (the objective) of a reflecting telescope.

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Superlative Primary Mirrors
... as of 2009 to use a non-segmented single-mirror as its primary mirror is the 8.2 m (8.7 yards) Subaru telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, located in Mauna Kea Observatory on Hawaii ... Both of these are smaller than the 10 m segmented primary mirrors on the two Keck telescope ... which do not have to be made as precisely as the mirrors used in optical telescopes ...
NASA Infrared Telescope Facility - Telescope
... The Cassegrain focus f/ratio is f/38 and the primary mirror f/ratio is 2.5 ... The secondary mirror is undersized to prevent the instrument from seeing the thermal emission from the telescope structure around the primary mirror ... The primary mirror itself is 126" in diameter, but only the center 118" is used ...
Southern African Large Telescope - Primary Mirror
... Similar to the Keck Telescopes, the primary mirror is composed of an array of mirrors designed to act as a single larger mirror however, the SALT mirrors produce a spherical primary, rather than ... Each SALT mirror is a 1-meter hexagon, and the array of 91 identical mirrors produces a hexagonal-shaped primary 11 x 9.8 meters in size ... To compensate for the spherical primary, the telescope has a four-mirror spherical aberration corrector (SAC) that provides a corrected, flat focal plane with a field of view of 8 arcminutes at ...
Lurie–Houghton Telescope - The Mirrors
... The Lurie–Houghton uses a spheroidal primary mirror unlike the paraboidal mirror used in the Newtonian telescope ... A spheroidal mirror is much easier to make because the entire surface appears to evenly black out when tested with a Foucalt tester ... the Lurie–Houghton, the radius of curvature of the primary mirror is slightly less than that of the total system ...
Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope - Derivative Designs
... While there are many variations, (both mirrors spherical, both mirrors aspherical, or one of each) they can be divided into two principal design forms compact and non-compact ... is located at or near the focus of the primary mirror ... curvature (twice the focal length) of the primary mirror ...

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