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Modern Psychological Theories of Concept Learning - Component Display Theory
... The theory also calls upon four primary presentation forms, and several other secondary presentation forms ... The primary presentation forms include rules, examples, recall, and practice ... Secondary presentation forms include prerequisites, objectives, helps, mnemonics, and feedback ...
Bitstream Cyberbit - TITUS Cyberbit
... Currency Symbols (12) Letterlike Symbols (13) Number Forms (28) Arrows (21) Mathematical Operators (80) Miscellaneous Technical (8) Enclosed Alphanumerics (112) Box Drawing (112) Block Elements (10) Geometric ...
Everson Mono - Range, Characters, Version
... Marks for Symbols (20D0–20FF) 27 ... Letterlike Symbols (2100–214F) 74 ... Number Forms (2150–218F) 49 ... Arrows (2190–21FF) 112 ... Mathematical Operators (2200–22FF) 256 ... Miscellaneous ...
... Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols Letter-like Symbols Number Forms Arrows Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous Technical Control Pictures, which are graphical presentations (via ...

Famous quotes containing the words forms and/or presentation:

    And what avails it that science has come to treat space and time as simply forms of thought, and the material world as hypothetical, and withal our pretension of property and even of self-hood are fading with the rest, if, at last, even our thoughts are not finalities, but the incessant flowing and ascension reach these also, and each thought which yesterday was a finality, to-day is yielding to a larger generalization?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    He uses his folly like a stalking-horse, and under the presentation of that he shoots his wit.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)