Preferred Shares

  • (noun): Stock whose holders are guaranteed priority in the payment of dividends but whose holders have no voting rights.
    Synonyms: preferred stock, preference shares

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Split Share Corporation
... A split share corporation is a corporation that exists for a defined period of time to transform the risk and investment return (capital gains, dividends, and possibly also profits from the writing of covered ... Most commonly a split share corporation issues equal numbers of shares from a class of preferred shares and a class of capital or class A shares ... The proceeds of the share offering are invested in conventional dividend-paying shares according to the regulations of the split share corporation ...
George Gilman - Biography
... Under this agreement, the Gilman heirs received $1.25 million in preferred shares paying 6% per year while Hartford received $700,000 in common stock and the remainder of the preferred shares ... Over the years, Hartford was also able to repurchase the preferred shares from the Gilman heirs ...
Bratsbergbanen - History - Negotiations
... receive stocks of NOK 5.4 million—half in preferred shares and half in common shares—for the incorporation of the Tinnos Line and NOK 4.2 million was for the state financed part of the Sørland ... Private investors would be allowed to sign shares for 5.9 million in preferred shares ... Parliament instead suggested that NSB be given the preferred shares, and all new equity be signed by the state now Norsk Transport would have to guarantee for the profits for the state ...
Split Share Corporation - Investment Objectives
... The preferred shares of a split share corporation are intended to provide an investment vehicle for more conservative investors, one that provides a relatively high income stream and safety in the original ... Greater safety is provided since the preferred shares are given priority over the capital shares both when income is paid out and when the corporation is wrapped up ... The income from the preferred shares is usually declared as dividend income, which in some jurisdictions (e.g ...
Split Share Corporation - Volatility and Risk Considerations
... The capital shares bear greater risk than the preferred shares in the event that the value of the underlying basket of conventional shares falls in value ... Dividend payments to the holders of capital shares may be reduced or even suspended entirely before reductions can be considered in the dividends paid to the holders of the preferred ... The value of the capital shares on the secondary markets may fluctuate considerably and may be reduced to zero ...

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    Anyone who knows a strange fact shares in its singularity.
    Jean Genet (1910–1986)

    San Francisco is where gay fantasies come true, and the problem the city presents is whether, after all, we wanted these particular dreams to be fulfilled—or would we have preferred others? Did we know what price these dreams would exact? Did we anticipate the ways in which, vivid and continuous, they would unsuit us for the business of daily life? Or should our notion of daily life itself be transformed?
    Edmund White (b. 1940)