Predictor may refer to:

  • a predictor variable, also known as an independent variable
  • the Kerrison Predictor, a military fire-control computer
  • something which makes a prediction
  • a branch predictor, a part of many modern processors
  • a type of railway level crossing circuit that tries to achieve a constant warning time by predicting the speed of the approaching train

Other articles related to "predictor, predictors":

Predictor–corrector Methods For Solving ODEs
... the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), a predictor­­–corrector method typically uses an explicit method for the predictor step and an implicit method for the corrector step ...
Unit-weighted Regression - Example
... use of multiple regression with this method, it is natural to look for the best predictor, the one with the highest beta weight ... study had found that early use of alcohol was the best predictor ... alienation from parents was the best predictor ...
Multilevel Model - Statistical Tests
... to keep in mind the degrees of freedom, which will depend on the level of the predictor (e.g ... level 1 predictor or level 2 predictor) ... For a level 1 predictor, the degrees of freedom are based on the number of level 1 predictors, the number of groups and the number of individual observations ...
Grade Crossing Predictor - Predictor - Implementation
... A predictor includes a short island track which just covers the width of the level crossing ... A predictor circuit in the middle of nowhere is usually terminated with a dead short across the rails at the outer ends ... Two predictor circuits may overlap, with tuned circuits used for one predictor to jump over the other ...