Pox, as a disease, may refer to:

  • Poxviruses
    • Smallpox, an infectious disease unique to humans, caused by either of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor
    • Monkeypox, an exotic infectious disease caused by the monkeypox virus
    • Black pox, a symptom of smallpox that is caused by bleeding under the skin which makes the skin look charred or black. It was more common in teenagers . This symptom usually indicates that a patient with smallpox is going to die
    • Canarypox, an Avipoxvirus and etiologic agent of canarypox, a disease of wild and captive birds that can enter humans but is unable to survive or multiply in human cells.
  • Potyviridae, a family of plant viruses
    • Plum pox, the most devastating viral disease of stone fruit from the genus Prunus
  • Herpes viruses
    • Chickenpox, a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV)
  • Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease caused by the spirochetal bacteria Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum

In computing, it may refer to:

  • P-O-X, a 2001 handheld electronic game
  • PoxNora, a 2006 multiplayer online game that combines a collectible card game with a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting
  • Plain Old XML, basic XML, a computer data representation format
  • Orthopox 13, a character in the video game series Destroy All Humans!

In other uses, pox or POX may refer to:

  • Pox (drink), a ceremonial drink common among the Maya, especially those in Chamula
  • POx, premature oxidation of wine
  • Partial oxidation, a chemical reaction
  • The P.O.X., a German band
  • Pox, small rounded pegs of candy that are attached to a strip of paper
  • President's Overseas XV, a 1971 rugby union squad, chosen to celebrate the centenary of the English Rugby Football Union, the oldest national rugby organisation in existence

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... In one of the Bay City odd jobs in DAH!2, Pox and Crypto contact two other furons in desperation of rescue and/or back up ... furon working at Space Traffic Control, whom Pox insults after he explains that he has never actually heard of Pox before ... up by the furon admiral, Cyclosporasis, who, becoming angered after learning that Pox and Crypto were foolish enough to let the humans get the upper hand in the first place, threatens to send ...
... Sheeppox (or sheep pox, known as variola ovina in Latin, clavelée in French, Pockenseuche in German) is a highly contagious disease of sheep caused by a poxvirus different from the benign orf (or contagious ... Sheep pox is the most severe of all the pox diseases of animals ...
Variola Caprina
... Variola caprina (Goat Pox) is a contagious viral disease caused by a pox virus that affects goats ... of the disease the papulo-vesicular form and nodular form (stone pox) ... It is thought the same virus spreads sheep pox, to which European sheep breeds are highly susceptible ...
The P.O.X. - Band History
... was founded 1982 in Hanover (Germany) by the singer and guitarist Beaker Pox (Mathias Böker) and the drummer Slin Pox (Nils Enghusen) ... In 1983 the guitarist and songwriter Carl Pox (Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Schmidt) completed the final band formation, and in 1984 the band struck a record deal with Wahnsinn Records (Ham ... international psychobilly festivals with the line up Beaker Pox, Carl Pox and Jake Pox, but in 1991 the band finally stopped playing live ...

Famous quotes containing the word pox:

    A pox of this gout! or a gout of this pox! for the one or the
    other plays the rogue with my great toe.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    So, when my days of impotence approach,
    And I’m by pox and wine’s unlucky chance
    Forced from the pleasing billows of debauch
    On the dull shore of lazy temperance,
    My pains at least some respite shall afford
    While I behold the battles you maintain
    When fleets of glasses sail about the board,
    From whose broadsides volleys of wit shall rain.
    John Wilmot, 2d Earl Of Rochester (1647–1680)

    The inconveniences and horrors of the pox are perfectly well known to every one; but still the disease flourishes and spreads. Several million people were killed in a recent war and half the world ruined; but we all busily go on in courses that make another event of the same sort inevitable. Experientia docet? Experientia doesn’t.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)