Powerline or power line may refer to:

  • Overhead power line, used for electric power transmission
  • Power line communication, a computer networking technology
  • Power Line, a political blog
  • Powerline, a fictional singer in the A Goofy Movie musical

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List Of PLC Manufacturers
... Amperion Inc Ariane Controls - A fabless powerline communication technology developer ... PACific InovaTech Group InovaTech worldwide InovaTech EMEA Intellon PowerNet Communications Powerline Publishing Powerline World Pancom A.S ... developer Sumitomo Electrics Thomson SA Unitronics Watteco developer of the WPC low rate powerline standard Yamar Electronics Ltd Innovator of DC powerline communication technology for automotive ...
Broadband For Rural Nova Scotia Initiative - Technology - Powerline Networking Not Considered
... process of considering how best to provide universal connectivity, powerline networking was apparently not considered although it reaches very nearly "100% of civic addresses" in Nova ... However, since power lines are unshielded, powerline networking tends to interfere with other radio communication systems in the short wave bands ...
Albertirsa–Zakhidnoukrainskaya–Vinnytsia Powerline
... The Albertirsa–Zakhidnoukrainskaya–Vinnytsia powerline is a power transmission line between Ukraine and Hungary ... As of today, it is the only 750 kV-powerline in Hungary and one of the few powerlines operated with this voltage in the European Union ...
Chūshi Powerline Crossing
... The Chūshi Powerline Crossing is a part of the Chūshi mainline (中四幹線, Chūshi-kansen?), a 220 kV powerline in Japan ...