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Universal Serial Bus - Power
... For USB 3.0, the voltage supplied by low-powered hub ports is 4.45–5.25 V ... and therefore may have power issues if powered from just one USB 2.0 port erratic function, failure to function, or overloading/damaging the port ... A bus-powered hub initializes itself at 1 unit load and transitions to maximum unit loads after it completes hub configuration ...
Recreational Vehicle - Terms
... pusher See Diesel pusher Generator A gasoline, diesel or propane-powered device for generating 120 or 240 volts AC electrical power for use when ... Hub Spoke A travel pattern of many RVers that reduces their overall fuel expenses and carbon footprint, as well as the frequency (and bother) of breaking camp ... The "hub" is the campground, the "spokes" are the routes fanning out from their campground that they take on their various day-trips ...
USB Hub - Power
... A bus-powered hub is a hub that draws all its power from the host computer's USB interface ... provide, and will not work in this type of hub ... Therefore a compliant bus powered hub can have no more than four downstream ports and cannot offer more than four 100 mA units of current in total to downstream devices (since the hub needs one unit for ...

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