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Play Station 3 Hardware - Form and Power Consumption
... The power consumption of the initial PlayStation 3 units based on 90 nm Cell CPU ranges from 170–200 watts during normal use, despite having a 380 watt power supply ... The power consumption of newer 40 GB PlayStation 3 (65 nm process Cell/90 nm RSX) units ranges from 120-140 watts during normal use ... The latest 80 GB units use both 65 nm Cell and 65 nm RSX, and have further lowered power consumption to between 90–120 W ...
Average CPU Power
... The average CPU power (ACP), is a scheme to characterize power consumption of new central processing units under "average" daily usage, especially server ... This rating is similar to Intel's thermal design power (TDP) used with Pentium and Core 2 processors, measuring the energy consumption of high workloads, which ... AMD claims the ACP rating includes the power consumption when running several benchmarks, like TPC-C, SPECcpu2006, SPECjbb2005 and STREAM Benchmark (memory bandwidth ...
Calculator - History - 1970s To Mid-1980s - Technical Improvements
... LED and blue/green vacuum fluorescent displays consumed a lot of power and the calculators either had a short battery life (often measured in hours, so rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries were common) or were ... using a filament lamp and solid plastic light guide, which negated the low power consumption of the display ... modulators reflecting light, which require much less power than light-emitting displays such as LEDs or VFDs ...
Logic Families - TTL
... Variations on the basic TTL design are intended to reduce these effects and improve speed, power consumption, or both ... Gates built with Schottky transistors use more power than normal TTL and switch faster ... With Low-power Schottky (LS), internal resistance values were increased to reduce power consumption and increase switching speed over the original version ...
Low-power Electronics - Electronics - Reducing Power Loss
... slow the circuit down significantly, and some modern low-power circuits use dual supply voltages to provide speed on critical parts of the circuit and lower power on non-critical paths ... voltages) in different parts of the circuit, in an attempt to further reduce power consumption without significant performance loss ... Another method used to reduce static power consumption is power gating the use of sleep transistors to disable entire blocks when not in use ...

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    The general tendency of things throughout the world is to render mediocrity the ascendant power among mankind.
    John Stuart Mill (1806–1873)