Positively Charged

  • (adj): Having a positive charge.

Some articles on charged, positively charged, positively:

Electrophoretic Deposition - Process of Electrophoretic Painting
... In the anodic process, negatively charged material is deposited on the positively charged electrode, or anode ... In the cathodic process, positively charged material is deposited on the negatively charged electrode, or cathode ... When an electric field is applied, all of the charged species migrate by the process of electrophoresis towards the electrode with the opposite charge ...
Kelvin Water Dropper - Principle of Operation
... When the negatively charged water drop falls into its bucket (the right one), it gives that bucket and the attached ring (the left one) a negative charge ... the end of that stream, they carry positive charge to the positively charged bucket, making that bucket even more positively charged ... are attracted to the left-hand stream by the ring, and positive charge drips into the positively charged left bucket ...
Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography - Anionic EHILIC
... By analogy to the above, one can use an anion exchange (positively charged) column surface chemistry to reduce the influence on retention of cationic (positively charged) functional groups ... allow easy desorption from the (oppositely charged) surface chemistry ... It will also reduce the influence of negatively charged carboxyls in the analytes, since they will be protonated at this low a pH value, and thus contribute less ...
Electric Charge
... matter that causes it to experience a force when near other electrically charged matter ... Positively-charged substances are repelled from other positively-charged substances, but attracted to negatively-charged substances negatively-charged substances are repelled from negative and attracted ... An object will be negatively charged if it has an excess of electrons, and otherwise be positively charged or uncharged ...
Capillary Electrophoresis - Modes of Separation
... Since only charged ions are affected by the electric field, neutral analytes are poorly separated by capillary electrophoresis ... flow is directed toward the negatively charged cathode so that the buffer flows through the capillary from the source vial to the destination vial ... As a result, negatively charged analytes are attracted to the positively charged anode, counter to the EOF, while positively charged analytes are ...

Famous quotes containing the words charged and/or positively:

    Luna presence,
    foredoomed, already dying,
    it charged the room
    with plangency

    older than human
    Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)

    The real drawback to “the simple life” is that it is not simple. If you are living it, you positively can do nothing else. There is not time.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)