Port Deposit, Maryland - Famous Residents

Famous Residents

  • John Conard (1773–1857) served in the U.S. House of Representatives and settled near Port Deposit for 1834-1851 after retiring from politics.
  • Jacob Tome
  • Joseph Irwin France (1873 – 1939) taught at the Tome School in Port Deposit for a period and later was a United States Senator(1917–1923).
  • John A. J. Creswell (born 1828 in Port Deposit) was a United States Senator (1865–1867) and United States Postmaster General (1869 and 1874).
  • James Devereux (1903 – 1988), who attended the Tome School, was a Marine General during the defense of Wake Island in December 1941 and later served in the United States House of Representatives (1951–1959).
  • Admiral Frank B. Kelso II (1933 - ), who later became Chief of Naval Operations, served as Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School at the nearby U.S. Naval Training Center Bainbridge from 1969-1971.

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