Pope Gregory

Pope Gregory has been the name of sixteen Roman Catholic Popes and two Antipopes:

  1. Pope Gregory I, also called Gregory the Great
  2. Pope Gregory II
  3. Pope Gregory III
  4. Pope Gregory IV
  5. Pope Gregory V
  6. Pope Gregory VI
    • Antipope Gregory VI
  7. Pope Gregory VII, Hildebrand
  8. Pope Gregory VIII
    • Antipope Gregory VIII
  9. Pope Gregory IX
  10. Pope Gregory X
  11. Pope Gregory XI
  12. Pope Gregory XII
  13. Pope Gregory XIII, responsible for the Gregorian calendar
  14. Pope Gregory XIV
  15. Pope Gregory XV
  16. Pope Gregory XVI

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... Gregorian might refer to The thought or ideology of Pope Gregory I or Pope Gregory VII (also called Gregorianism) Things named for Pope Gregory I Gregorian chant Gregorian mass ...
Lodovico Altieri - Biography
... He was created a Privy chamberlain by Pope Leo XII ... In the pontificate of Pope Gregory XVI he was named qualificator of the Congregation of the Holy Office while he served as vicar of the School of Santa Maria in Via Lata ... appointed titular archbishop of Ephesus on 11 July 1836 by Pope Gregory XVI and was consecrated on 17 July of that year by Pope Gregory, and appointed Nuncio to Austria the next day ...
Christianity And Paganism - Christianization During The European Middle Ages - Anglo-Saxon
... In 582 Pope Gregory sent Augustine and 40 companions from Rome to missionize among the Anglo-Saxons ... They had, by order of the blessed Pope Gregory, brought interpreters of the nation of the Franks, and sending to Æthelberht, signified that they were come from Rome, and brought a ... A famous letter from Pope Gregory to Mellitus in June 601, for example, is quoted encouraging the appropriation of pagan temples and festivals for Christian use ...
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... In 1601, Pope Clement VIII associated Count Luigi Bevilacqua and his two brothers, Conte Bonifazio IV (1571-1627) and Conte Alfonso II (1565-1610), with his own family ... In 1607, Pope Paul V appointed him Captain of the Curiasses and the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando I gave him the Leadership of the Helmets ... Bonifazio was a “secret waiter” of Pope Gregory XIII in his youth, and received his doctorate in law at the University of Padua ...

Famous quotes by pope gregory:

    I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.
    Pope Gregory VII (c. 1020–1085)