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Pompanos /ˈpɒmpənoʊ/ are marine fishes in the Trachinotus genus of the Carangidae family (better known as "jacks"). Pompano may also refer to various other, similarly shaped members of Carangidae, or the order Perciformes. Their appearance is deep bodied and mackerel-like, typically silver and toothless with a forked tail and narrow base. There are twenty described species and most are valued as food. Some species are considered prize delicacies and game fish. A similar species is known as the permit, T. falcatus: two United States Navy submarines are named after it.

The Florida pompano, T. carolinus, reaches about 45 centimeters (18 in) and 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb), while the permit reaches about 90 centimeters (35 in) and more than 14 kilograms (31 lb).

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