Police Sergeant

  • (noun): A lawman with the rank of sergeant.
    Synonyms: sergeant

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... Police Sergeant Major (PSM) Police Sergeant Class 1 (PS) Police Sergeant Class 2 (PS) Police Constable Class 1 (PC) Police Constable Class 2 (PC ...
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... Gazetted Officers Inspector General of Police (IGP) Senior Deputy Inspector General of police (SDIG) Deputy Inspector General of police (DIG) Senior Superintendent of police (SSP) Superintendent of ...
Karl Anton Sanderød - Career
... He worked in the police sergeant's office in Våle from 1869 to 1879 ... He then moved to Ramnes to become a police sergeant ... In 1903 he moved from Ramnes to Barkåker in Sem to work as a police sergeant there ...
Law Enforcement In Serbia - Police Ranks
... (Junior police sergeant) Mladji policijski narednik 1 klase ... (Junior police sergeant 1st class) Policijski narednik ... (Police sergeant) Policijski inspektor ...

Famous quotes containing the words sergeant and/or police:

    You know, there’s a cowboy movie where one joker says, “Mighty quiet out there. Too quiet,” he says. Same thing every time; it’s too quiet.
    James Poe, U.S. screenwriter, and Based On Play. Robert Aldrich. Sergeant Costa (Jack Palance)

    I guess a career in the police didn’t really prepare you for this, did it?
    Bob Hunt (b. 1951)