Pointed Star

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Military Decorations Of Mexico - Long Service Medal
... Suspended by a small replica of the Mexican eagle or a 5-pointed star from a ribbon colored according to class, with a gilt bar at top inscribed Mexico ... ribbon with five equal green-white-red-white-green stripes, 5-pointed star as a suspender 4th Class (15 years service) - white enameled cross, laurel wreath ...
Five-pointed Star
... A five-pointed star (☆) is a very common ideogram throughout the world ... are joined together a pentagram is produced, which is the simplest of the unicursal star polygons, and a symbol of mystical and magical significance ... The five-pointed star has become a symbol of fame or "stardom", and the golden five-pointed star has particularly strong associations with military ...
Seal Of Oklahoma
... The Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma consists of a five-pointed star in a circle ... field, fringed in gold, charged with the state seal surrounded by a pentagram of five white stars ... itself contains six seals The center of the star contains the seal of the original Territory of Oklahoma ...
The Prince Of Mist - Plot Summary
... its edge, each embossed with a symbol of a six-pointed star enclosed in a circle ... a strong man, and some other ghostly characters, all are arranged in a star pattern around one central figure on a pedestal a terrible clown, with arms outstretched and hands ... another small paving stone with the same six-pointed star inside of a circle inscribed on its surface ...

Famous quotes containing the words star and/or pointed:

    My advice to those who think they have to take off their clothes to be a star is, once you’re boned, what’s left to create the illusion? Let ‘em wonder. I never believed in givin’ them too much of me.
    Mae West (1892–1980)

    Master the night nor serve the snowman’s brain
    That shapes each bushy item of the air
    Into a polestar pointed on an icicle.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)