Point Mutations

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Genetic Code - Salient Features - Degeneracy
... of a codon is said to be a non-degenerate site if any mutation at this position results in amino acid substitution ... The degeneracy of the genetic code is what accounts for the existence of synonymous mutations ... These properties of the genetic code make it more fault-tolerant for point mutations ...
T4 R II System - Benzer's Work
... Some he classified as deletions, others as point mutations ... crosses of the many different strains exhibited deletions and point mutations, Benzer located each point mutation into a sub-region of one of the cistrons, and ordered the point mutations within that sub-re ... Benzer also proposed missense and nonsense mutations from his rII studies ...
Dacians - Legacy
... The Thracian individuals show informative point mutations in 7np (nucleotide position), the Romanian, Greek and Albanian individuals in 7np, and the Bulgarian individuals in only 5np out of 12 most informative ... As concerns the frequency of point mutations in the 12 nucleotide positions, the Italian individuals show the highest mutation frequency with 12.5%, followed by the Thracian individuals with 8.3 ... Computing the frequency of common point mutations of the present-day European population with the Thracian population has indicated that the Italians (7.9%), the ...

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