Plenum may refer to:

  • Plenum chamber, a chamber intended to contain air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure
  • Plenism, or Horror vacui ("nature abhors a vacuum")
  • Plenum (meeting), a meeting of a deliberative assembly in which all members are present; contrast with quorum
  • Plenum space, enclosed spaces (in buildings) used for airflow
  • Plenum cable, electrical wire permitted in plenum spaces per building codes
  • Plenum Publishing Corporation, a publisher of scientific books and journals
  • Plenum (physics), a space completely filled with matter
  • Plenum filtration, aquarium filtration using a deep sand bed with a gap below it

Other articles related to "plenum":

Fiat SOHC - Induction - Production
... MPI system comprised a large cylindrical plenum running parallel to the engine with individual runners to each inlet port and a single throttle controlling air-flow ... This plenum was pressurised in the Mk I Uno Turbo ... The plenum was slightly redesigned to a more angular "box" shape for the 3rd Generation engines and was again pressurised for the Uno and Punto GT Turbo ...
Plenum Chamber - Etymology
... The term "plenum" derives originally from classical theories and the notion that "Nature abhors a vacuum" ... These gave rise to the notion of 17th century 'plenum' as the opposite of vacuum, and all things "being either Plenum or Vacuum" ...
Plenum Chamber
... A plenum chamber is a pressurised housing containing a gas or fluid (typically air) at positive pressure (pressure higher than surroundings) ... One function of the plenum can be to equalise pressure for more even distribution, because of irregular supply or demand ... A plenum chamber can also work as an acoustic silencer device ...
Telco Cable
... Another standardized color is white, usually associated with plenum cable ... Plenum cable is cable used in plenum spaces of buildings ... The plenum ( /ˈplɛnəm/) is the space used for air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems, by providing a location for ductwork ...
Red Sport International - Gatherings of The RSI
... Conference Moscow July 19-29, 1921 2nd Congress Berlin July 29-31, 1922 1st Enlarged Plenum of the EC Moscow Feb. 13-21, 1924 2nd Enlarged Plenum of the EC Moscow Jan. 28, 1925 3rd Enlarged Plenum of the EC Moscow May 17-22, 1926 4th Enlarged Plenum of the EC Moscow Nov ...