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Shinagawa Station - Station Layout
... The main JR station concourse is situated above the platforms running east-west across the breadth of the station ... Cross-platform interchange between the Yamanote and Keihin-Tōhoku lines is only available from the next station, Tamachi ... The Keikyu platforms are on the western side of the station at a higher level than the JR platforms ...
Greenwood Railway Station - Platforms
... Greenwood Station is a split platform station, making it the only station on the Joondalup Line that is not an island platform ... Platforms currently in use are as follows Stop No ... Platform Line Stopping Pattern Destination Notes Greenwood Station platforms 1 ... Clarkson All stations, C Perth underground 2 ... Clarkson All stations Clarkson ...
Aspendale Railway Station - Station Overview - Platforms, Services and Connecting Bus Services
... Platform 1 Suburban Metro Trains services to Flinders Street ... Platform 2 Suburban Metro Trains services to Frankston ...
Armadale Railway Station, Melbourne - Facilities
... station consists of an island layout and two side platforms Platforms 4 ... (side platforms) have semi-large brick buildings, while platforms 3 ... (island platform ... place and booking offices are also located in the footbridge and at the entrance to platform 4 ...
Brook Avenue (IRT Pelham Line)
... station, opened on January 17, 1919, has two side platforms and three tracks ... Both platforms have their original Dual Contracts mosaic trim line and name tablets ... Dark yellow i-beam columns run along the platforms at regular intervals with every other one having the standard black name plate with white lettering ...

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    I would rather be known as an advocate of equal suffrage than to speak every night on the best-paying platforms in the United States and ignore it.
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