Plaque or placque may refer to:

  • Commemorative plaque, a flat ornamental plate or tablet fixed to a wall, used to mark a significant event, person, etc.
  • Plaquette, a small decorative plaque in metal, ceramics, or other materials
  • Memorial Plaque, issued to next-of-kin of dead British military personnel after World War I
  • Plaque, a rectangular casino token

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... A plaque commemorating Smith's bravery on 23 February 1944, is located on Dovehouse Gree, on the King's Road in Chelsea ...
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... matrix makes it impossible to remove the plaque by rinsing or using sprays ... Materia alba is similar to plaque but it lacks the organized structure of plaque and hence easily displaced with rinses and sprays ... When this plaque gets mineralized it forms into calculus ...
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... Amyloid plaque Atheromatous plaque, a buildup of white blood cell (sometimes termed fatty, despite absence of adipocytes) deposits within the wall of an artery Dental plaque, a biofilm that builds ...
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... Large plaque parapsoriasis (also known as "parapsoriasis en plaques") are skin lesions that may be included in the modern scheme of cutaneous conditions ... These lesions, called plaques, may be irregularly round-shaped to oval and are 10 cm (3.9 in) or larger in diameter ... They can be very thin plaques that are symptomatic or mildly pruritic ...
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