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Planning Domain Definition Language - De Facto Official Versions of PDDL - PDDL1.2
... It separated the model of the planning problem in two major parts (1) domain description and (2) the related problem description ... an intuitive separation of those elements, which are (1) present in every specific problem of the problem-domain (these elements are contained in the domain-description), and those elements ... Thus several problem-descriptions may be connected to the same domain-description (just like several instances may exist of a class in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) or in OWL (Ontology ...
Automated Planning And Scheduling - Overview
... of a set of possible actions, the planning problem is to find a plan that is guaranteed (from any of the initial states) to generate a sequence of actions that leads to one of the goal states ... The difficulty of planning is dependent on the simplifying assumptions employed ... Several classes of planning problems can be identified depending on the properties the problems have in several dimensions ...

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    From cradle to grave this problem of running order through chaos, direction through space, discipline through freedom, unity through multiplicity, has always been, and must always be, the task of education, as it is the moral of religion, philosophy, science, art, politics and economy; but a boy’s will is his life, and he dies when it is broken, as the colt dies in harness, taking a new nature in becoming tame.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)

    Few men in our history have ever obtained the Presidency by planning to obtain it.
    James A. Garfield (1831–1881)