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List Of Star Trek Planets (M–Q) - M
... M-113 - a Class M planet featured in TOS episode "The Man Trap" ... The planet is also called Crater's World, and also known as Fotialla by the extinct natives that once lived there ... M-Zed V - Mentioned in TNG episode "Heart of Glory" ...
Fictional Planetary Systems - Other Lists - Comic Planets
... These planets are not so much carefully constructed worlds as they are humorous backgrounds or gag references in various comedy shows and games Arazon — A prison planet featured ... Dave and Alvin - Twin planets in solar orbit beyond Pluto on the TV show ALF (Episode #24, Weird Science) ... Gordon — A planet visited in the British Claymation series Rex the Runt ...
List Of Blake's 7 Planets - Z
... Zeigler V Planet mentioned by Blake as to where he believed his brother and sister were living, but in reality they had been executed by the Federation ... Zephron The planet Oleg Gan claimed he was from ... Zerok A formerly independent frontier planet rumoured to be the last source of gold in the known galaxy ...

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    Bible: New Testament, Ephesians 5:3-4.

    Have you not budged an inch, then? Such is the daily news. Its facts appear to float in the atmosphere.... We should wash ourselves clean of such news. Of what consequence, though our planet explode, if there is no character involved in the explosion? In health we have not the least curiosity about such events. We do not live for idle amusement. I would not run round a corner to see the world blow up.
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