A pinion is a round gear used in several applications:

  • usually the smallest gear in a gear drive train, although in the case of John Blenkinsop's Salamanca, the pinion was rather large. In many cases, such as remote controlled toys, the pinion is also the drive gear.
  • the smaller gear that drives in a 90-degree angle towards a crown gear in a differential drive.
  • the small front sprocket on a chain driven motorcycle.
  • the round gear that engages and drives a rack in a rack and pinion mechanism and against a rack in a rack railway.
  • in the case of radio-controlled cars with an engine (i.e. nitro) this pinion gear can be referred to as a clutch bell when it is paired with a centrifugal clutch.

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... The hypoid gear places the pinion off-axis to the crown wheel (ring gear) which allows the pinion to be larger in diameter and have more contact area ... In hypoid gear design, the pinion and gear are practically always of opposite hand, and the spiral angle of the pinion is usually larger than that of the gear ... The hypoid pinion is then larger in diameter than an equivalent bevel pinion ...
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... The pinion is supported both in front of and behind the pinion teeth, ensuring that the pinion teeth and ring gear teeth stay in mesh regardless of torque load ... The pinion is also removable from the back as well making for easier access ...
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... In determining the direction of offset, it is customary to look at the gear with the pinion at the right ... For below center offset the pinion has a left hand spiral, and for above center offset the pinion has a right hand spiral ...