Pierce Oscillator

The Pierce oscillator is a type of electronic oscillator particularly well-suited for use in piezoelectric crystal oscillator circuits. Named for its inventor, George W. Pierce (1872-1956), the Pierce oscillator is a derivative of the Colpitts oscillator. Virtually all digital IC clock oscillators are of Pierce type, as the circuit can be implemented using a minimum of components: a single digital inverter, two resistors, two capacitors, and the quartz crystal, which acts as a highly selective filter element. The low manufacturing cost of this circuit, and the outstanding frequency stability of the quartz crystal, give it an advantage over other designs in many consumer electronics applications.

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Pierce Oscillator - Load Capacitance
... a manufacturer makes a "parallel" crystal, a technician adjusts a Pierce oscillator with a variable capacitor (often 18 or 20 pF) to trim the crystal to oscillate at exactly the frequency written on its package ... the inverter, and Cs, the stray capacitances from the oscillator, PCB layout, and crystal case (typically 3-9 pF) When a "series" crystal is used in a Pierce oscillator, the Pierce oscillator (as always) drives the ... slightly decreases the frequency generated by a Pierce oscillator, but never enough to reduce it all the way down to the series resonant frequency ...

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