Piano Rolls

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Sound Recording And Reproduction - Prehistory
... Similar designs appeared in barrel organs (15th century), musical clocks (1598), barrel pianos (1805), and musical boxes (1815) ... The player piano, first demonstrated in 1876, used a punched paper scroll that could store an arbitrarily long piece of music ... The most sophisticated of the piano rolls were "hand-played", meaning that the roll represented the actual performance of an individual, not just a transcription of the sheet music ...
Piano Roll
... A piano roll is a music storage medium used to operate a player piano, piano player or reproducing piano ... A piano roll is a continuous roll of paper with perforations (holes) punched into it ... The roll moves over a reading system known as a 'tracker bar' and the playing cycle for each musical note is triggered when a perforation crosses the bar and is read ...
Music Sequencer - History - Early Sequencers
... including music boxes, mechanical organs, player pianos, Orchestrions, etc ... For example, authoring process of piano roll fits the definition of music sequencer composers record their music composition on the piano rolls, then ... Player piano (1920) controlled by piano roll RCA Mark II (1957), controlled via punch tape In 19th century, as the results of Industrial Revolution, various automatic musical instruments were invented, for ...

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