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  • filo fruit baskets ( as made in 2012 at walney school)

Filo can be used in many ways: layered, folded, rolled, or ruffled, with various fillings. Some common varieties are with:

  • Cheese: called Tiropita in Greece and Cyprus, Peynirli börek in Turkey, Burekas in Israel, sirnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibanica and Burek in Serbia, standard Banitsa in Bulgaria
  • Chicken: called Kotopita in Greek cuisine Tavuklu börek in Turkish cuisine,
  • Vegetables: Chortopita in Greek cuisine (Prasopita when filled with leeks) sebzeli börek (spinach, leek, eggplant, courgette, etc.) in Turkish cuisine,
  • Meat: called Kreatopita in Greek cuisine, Kıymalı börek or Talas böreği (with diced meat and vegetables) in Turkish cuisine, Burek in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and elsewhere
  • Nuts and syrup: Baklava, sütlü nuriye, şöbiyet, saray sarma in Turkish cuisine
  • Potatoes: called Patatesli börek in Turkish cuisine, Patatopita in Greek cuisine, Krompiruša in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, Patatnik in Bulgarian cuisine
  • Powdered sugar on top and fileld with grated apples - Czech cuisine závin
  • Spinach and feta cheese: called Spanakopita in Greek cuisine, Ispanaklı börek in Turkish cuisine, Spanachnik in Bulgarian cuisine, zeljanica in Bosnian cuisine.
  • Milk: Mlechna Banitsa in Bulgarian Cuisine

Su böreği in Turkish cuisine consisting of boiled dough layers with cheese in between can be described as a salty version of baklava. Some recipes also use an egg yolk glaze on top when baked, to enhance color and crispness. In Western countries, filo is popular with South Asian immigrants in making samosas. Filo is used in many of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire; to make flaky pies and pastries, including baklava, börek, gözleme, spanakopita, tyropita and bstilla. Filo is also used for güllaç, a Turkish dessert mostly eaten in the holy month of Ramadan, where layers of walnuts and rose water are placed one by one in warm milk. A similar Egyptian dessert is called Umm Ali.

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