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Distinguished Service Chapter Members

Established at the 1929 Conclave, the Distinguished Service Chapter is the highest honor bestowed on a member of Phi Beta Sigma. Membership in the Distinguished Service Chapter must be recommended and approved by the awardees Chapter, Region, and by the General Board of the Fraternity prior to entry. One must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for this honor:

  • Active in the Fraternity for at least ten years
  • Has distinguished himself in the Fraternity and/or in his respective communities for extending exemplary service.

Brother Jesse W. Lewis holds the distinction of being voted in as the DSC's 1st member (1929).

Below is a list of Distinguished Service Chapter Members:

Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1929 – 1946
Atty. Jesse W. Lewis, 1929 (Alpha Sigma);• Dr. Alain L. Locke, 1930 (Alpha Sigma);• Dr. I. L. Scruggs, 1930(Theta Sigma);• Dr. Cornelius V. Troup, Sr., 1930 (Lambda Sigma);• Dr. Robert R. Moton, 1930 (Gamma Sigma);• Augustin A. Austin, 1930 (Epsilon Sigma);• Atty. Arthur W. Mitchell, 1930 (Alpha Sigma);• A. Langston Taylor, 1934 (Alpha Sigma);• Dr. Clarence L. Roberts, 1934 (Epsilon Sigma);• Dr. John Ashurst, 1935 (Epsilon Sigma);• Dr. R. A. Billings, 1935 (Lambda Sigma);• H. S. Crawford, Sr., 1936 (Iota Sigma);• Atty. James W. Johnson, 1936 (Epsilon Sigma);• James A. Jackson, 1937 (Epsilon Sigma);• Hugh Fisher Lewis, 1937 (Upsilon Sigma);• Dr. Leonard F. Morse, 1937 (Nu Beta Sigma);• Dr. George W. Carver, 1937 (Gamma Sigma);• Thomas W. McCormick, 1939 (Gamma Sigma);• Dr. A.T.R. Weathers, 1939 (Member-at-Large);• Atty. George W. Lawrence, 1940 (Upsilon Sigma);• Elmo N. Anderson, 1941 (Epsilon Sigma);• Dewey W. Roberts, 1941 (Phi Sigma);• Dr. Felix J. Brown, 1942 (Iota Sigma);• Clarence L. Townes, Sr., 1946 (Iota Sigma);• Dr. Edward C. Mitchell, 1946 (Gamma Sigma);• Dr. Clarence Muse, 1946 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Dr. Charles W. Hill, 1946 (Phi Beta Sigma);• George F. Robinson, Sr., 1946 (Epsilon Beta Sigma)
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1929 – 1946". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.
Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1947 – 1960
John W. Woodhous, 1947 (Zeta Sigma);• Zaid D. Lenoir, 1947 (Kappa Sigma);• Atty. George A. Parker, 1947(Alpha Sigma);•Dr. George L. Hightower, 1948 (Lambda Sigma);• William E. Doar, Jr., 1949 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• Dr. John A. Turner, 1949 (Alpha Sigma);• John E. Smith, 1949 (Upsilon Sigma);• Dr. Edward P. Jimson, 1950 (Theta Beta Sigma);• Dr. Ras O. Johnson, 1951 (Lambda Sigma);• Dr. Rivers Fredericks, 1951 (Theta Beta Sigma);• John F. Lewis, 1952 (Delta Sigma);• James A. Grant, 1952 (Xi Beta Sigma);• Dr. Robert J. Hill, 1953 (Zeta Sigma);• Dr. M.T. Walker, 1953 (Alpha Sigma);• Woodrow W. Carter, 1954 (Epsilon Sigma);• Maurice A. Moore, 1954 (Upsilon Sigma);• Richard A. Hester, 1955 (Omicron Sigma);• Atty. Hutson L. Lovell, 1955 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• Dr. W. Sherman Savage, 1955 (Phi Beta Sigma);• R.H. Beasley, 1956 (Delta Gamma Sigma);• Atty. Oliver C. Eastman, 1957 (Epsilon Sigma);• Edger B. Felton, 1958 (Epsilon Sigma);• Roswell O. Sutton, 1959 (Lambda Sigma);• J. Benjamin Horton, Sr., 1959 (Epsilon Beta Sigma);• Dr. E. Rhudolphus Clemons, 1960 (Mu Beta Sigma);• Dr. George D. Flemmings, 1960 (Omicron Sigma)
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1947 – 1960". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.
Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1961 – 1975
Dr. William H. Pipes, 1961 (Epsilon Tau Sigma);• Dr. James A. Clark, 1962 (Eta Sigma);• Dr. Alvin J. McNeil, 1963(Alpha Beta Sigma);• Charles I. Brown, 1963 (Alpha);• Dr. Parlett L. Moore, 1963 (Zeta Sigma);• Andrew J. Childress, 1964 (Member-at Large);• H. A. Howard, 1964 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Dr. Lawrence D. Reddick, 1966 (Nu Sigma);• Atty. Fred G. Minnis, Sr., 1966 (Delta Omicron Sigma);• Major Ephraim E. Person, 1967 (Upsilon Sigma);• Edward M. Baker, 1967 (Nu Sigma);• Atty. James T. Horton, 1969 (Alpha Sigma);• S. Edward Gilbert, Sr., 1969 (Kappa Sigma);• Richard E. Alleyne, Sr, 1969 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• William J. Nicks, Sr, 1970 (Alpha Beta Sigma);• Oscar M. Morgan, 1970 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Atty. Richard M. Ballard, Jr, 1972 (Iota Sigma);• J. Niel Armstrong, 1955 (Gamma Beta Sigma);• Judge Joseph D. Roulhac, 1972 (Delta Rho Sigma);• Dr. Gilbert H. Francis, 1973 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• C. Melvin Patrick, 1973 (Epsilon Sigma);• William Perry, 1973 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Archie A. Alexander, 1975 (Mu Sigma);• Dr. Ulysses S. McPherson, 1975 (Delta Gamma Sigma);• Samuel B. Newton, 1975 (Zeta Sigma)
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1961 – 1975". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.
Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1976 – 1991
Clifford M. Blackman, 1976 (Epsilon Sigma);• John E. Westberry, 1976 (Alpha Beta Sigma);• Atty. Reuben N. Vaughn, 1976 (Xi Beta Sigma);• Dr. Guilbert A. Daley, 1978 (Zeta Sigma);• Charles W. Moore, 1978 (Lambda Sigma);• Lewis W. Engram, 1979 (Alpha Beta Sigma);• Dr. Frank T. Hawkins, 1979 (Alpha Sigma Sigma);• Chester Riley, 1979 (Upsilon Sigma);• Dr. Orris V.B. Cooper, 1981 (Delta Chi Sigma);• LTC Lucius E. Young, 1981 (Alpha Sigma);• Gilbert W. Lindsay, 1981 (Phi Sigma);• Atty. R. Eugene Davis, 1982 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Atty. Demetrius C. Newton, 1982 (Tau Sigma);• Sylvester Davis, 1984 (Eta Beta Sigma);• Dr. Henry E. Cheaney, 1984 (Eta Alpha Sigma);• George H. Hibbler, 1984 (Nu Sigma);• Arthur D. McNeal, 1985 (Beta Tau Sigma);• Marshall Bass, 1985 (Delta Sigma);• Edward E. Cannon, 1985 (Gamma Rho Sigma);• James T. Floyd, 1987 (Alpha Lambda Sigma);• Dr. Samuel Robinson, 1987 (Epsilon Beta Sigma);• Luster B. Hayes, 1987 (Eta Beta Sigma);• Henry L. Moore, 1991 (Nu Sigma);• Clifford M. Ashmore, Sr., 1991 (Lambda Sigma);• Henry A. Webb, 1991 (Beta Xi Sigma);• James A. Clarke, 1991 (Eta Sigma);• Waymon L. Ponds, 1991 (Alpha Delta Sigma);• Clifton H. Felton, 1991 (Zeta Alpha Sigma)
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1976 – 1991". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.
Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1993 – 1999
Thomas Washington, 1993 (Alpha Sigma);• Moses C. McClendon, 1993 (Iota Sigma);• Julius C. Simmons, 1993 (Beta Delta Sigma);• William S. Riley, 1993 (Alpha Nu Sigma);• Alonzo C. Jackson, 1993 (Chi Sigma);• Carl J. Turner, 1993 (Xi Beta Sigma);• Howard Felder, 1995 (Upsilon Sigma);• Luther J. Mitchell, Sr., 1995 ( Gamma Omicron Sigma);• Argel G. Oatis, Sr., 1995 (Tau Iota Sigma);• Charles H. Odom, 1995 (Alpha Epsilon Sigma);• Mack T. Scott, 1995 (Eta Beta Sigma);• Wilfong Wilson, 1995 (Nu Sigma);• Carter D. Womack, 1995 (Zeta Alpha Sigma);• William E. Stanley, Jr., 1997 (Lambda Sigma);• Robert B. Greaux, 1997 (Chi Sigma);• Jesse T. Williams Sr., 1997 (Delta Rho Sigma);• Marvin L. Cheatham Sr., 1997 (Zeta Sigma);• James D. Anderson, 1997 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Clarence D. Johnson, 1997 (Upsilon Sigma);• Charles Y. Thomas, 1997 (Alpha Theta Sigma);• Dudley E. Flood, 1999 (Eta Sigma);• Henry L. Goldston, 1999 (Gamma Beta Sigma);• James L. Hill, 1999 (Beta Nu Sigma);• Emmett H. Spencer, Sr., 1999 (Alpha Epsilon Sigma);• Elbert P. Green, 1999 (Gamma Sigma);• Louis D. Hassell, 1999 (Chi Sigma);• August J. Marigny, 1999 (Delta Beta Sigma)
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 1993 – 1999". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.
Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 2000 – 2007
Atty. Peter M. Adams, 2001 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• Joseph T. Bickers, 2001 (Lambda Sigma);• Judge Luke A. LaVergne, 2001 (Omicron Beta Sigma);• Larry D. McCutcheon, 2001 (Beta Mu Sigma);• William J. Walker, 2001 (Eta Iota Sigma);• T. Harding Lacy, Jr., 2003 (Iota Sigma);• Robert J. Booker, 2003 (Phi Sigma);• Theoplis A. Woodard, II, 2003 ( Alpha Beta Sigma);• Joseph Carter., 2003 (Alpha Xi Sigma);• Emanuel J. Kenny, Jr., 2003 (Nu Sigma);• Carlia E. Oatis, Jr., 2003 (Gamma Epsilon Sigma);• Lynard Carter, 2005 (Theta Beta Sigma);• Ronald H. Carter, 2005 (Phi Beta Sigma);• William F. Hayslett, 2005 (Eta Beta Sigma);• Sidney Moshette, Jr., 2005 (Kappa Beta Sigma);• Winford L. Rose, 2005 (Eta Sigma);• Arthur R. Thomas, 2005 (Omicron Beta Sigma);• Dr. Kevin R. West, 2005 (Chi Sigma);• Scherod C. Barnes, 2005 (Zeta Sigma);• Larry Blanding, 2007 (Delta Kappa Sigma);• Eric Gilliam, 2007 (Alpha Sigma);• J.W Mason, 2007 (Epsilon Sigma Sigma);• Dr. Ernest Miller, 2007 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Dr Anthony Asadullah Samad, 2007 (Phi Beta Sigma);• Millard J. Watkins, 2007 (Iota Sigma);
Source: "Phi Beta Sigma Distinguished Service Chapter 2000 – 2007". Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Retrieved August 2, 2009.

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