Phase II

  • (noun): A clinical trial on more persons than in phase I; intended to evaluate the efficacy of a treatment for the condition it is intended to treat; possible side effects are monitored.
    Synonyms: phase II clinical trial

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Silver Line (MBTA) - History - The Silver Line
... first section opened, known as Silver Line Phase I, was the line along Washington Street currently referred to as SL5 it is the ultimate product of ... of South Station, known as Silver Line Phase II, was constructed in conjunction with Boston's Big Dig and was originally referred to as the South Boston Piers Transitway ... were fabricated in a nearby, World War II–era dry dock and floated into place ...
List Of Cal Poly Pomona Presidents - Student Life - Housing
212 Aliso 212 Encinitas 212 Montecito 212 Cedritos 185 Palmitas 185 Suites Phase I 420 Suites Phase II 622 University Village Phase I 384 University Village Phase II 448 University Village Phase III 476 ... Phase I of the construction of the Suites, housing 420 students, was completed in 2004 and Phase II, housing 622 students, opened in 2010 ...
Line S2, Beijing Suburban Railway - Phase II
... It is not known if phase 2's track is going to be created or not. ...
Line 15, Beijing Subway - Route Under Construction - Phase II
... As of April 2009, Phase II plans showed the western half of Line 15 running from Xiyuan in Haidian District, through the campus of Tsinghua University ... But by October 28, 2009, those Phase II were undergoing major revision, with one proposal extending Line 15 westward as originally planned with additional stations and another ...
Ciudad Deportiva (Nuevo Laredo) - Phase II
... Phase II of this project will include a new soccer stadium within Mexican Primera Division standards for a possible expansion of one of its teams to Nuevo Laredo ... Part of Phase II has already been completed which includes an indoor stadium with a capacity of 4,000 fans that allows fans to enjoy basketball, volley ball ...

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    The Indians feel that each stage is crucial and that the child should be allowed to dwell in each for the appropriate period of time so that every aspect of his being can evolve, just as a plant evolves in the proper time and sequence of the seasons. Otherwise, the child never has a chance to master himself in any one phase of his life.
    Alan Quetone (20th century)