• (noun): Any of the bones (or phalanges) of the fingers or toes.
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Cameron Hodge - Fictional Character Biography - Phalanx
... later returns as a member of the cybernetic extraterrestrial race known as the Phalanx, ironically a form he would have taken if his efforts with Warlock had been successful ... Hodge was defeated by Stephen Lang (the human interface for the Phalanx), when Lang caused the Phalanx citadel to fall from the top of Mount Everest ...
Sea Skimming - Possible Defenses - SeaRAM
... and based on the mounting and targeting systems of the Phalanx, SeaRAM was developed in response to concerns about the performance of gun-based systems against modern ... Designed as a companion self-defense system to Phalanx, the SeaRAM is equipped with an 11 cell RAM launcher, and provides defense at a longer range ... Raytheon stating that " fits the exact shipboard installation footprint of the Phalanx, uses the same power and requires minimal shipboard modification" ...
Skeletal System Of The Horse - Appendicular Skeleton - Bones of The Lower Limb
... proximal sesamoid bones, long pastern (proximal or 1st phalanx), short pastern (middle or 2nd phalanx), coffin bone (distal or 3rd phalanx), and navicular bone (distal ... In the hindlimb, the 1st phalanx is shorter and the 2nd phalanx is longer than in the frontlimb ... In addition, the 2nd and 3rd phalanx are narrower in the hind limb ...
Phalanx (art Group)
... Phalanx was an association of artists formed in Munich in 1901 who were opposed to old fashioned and conservative viewpoints in art ... president of the association and also became the director of the Phalanx School of Painting ... Phalanx was where Kandinsky met Gabriele M√ľnter, an art student at the school ...
List Of American Utopian Communities - 1800s
... Colony (1833-1843, OH) Brook Farm (1847, MA) North American Phalanx (1841-1856, NJ) Hopedale Community (1842-1868, MA) Fruitlands (1843-1844, MA) Sodus Bay Phalanx (1844-1846 ...

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  • (noun): A body of troops in close array.
  • (noun): Any closely ranked crowd of people.