Petter is a common Scandinavian firstname. It may refer to:


  • Petter (rapper) (full name Petter Askergren), a Swedish rap musician
  • Petter Dass, a poet and hymn writer
  • Petter Hansson, a Swedish footballer
  • W. E. W. Petter, English aircraft designer
  • Petter Rudi, a Norwegian footballer
  • Gonzalo Rocha, an Uruguayan footballer, full name Petter Gonzalo Rocha Lavandeira
  • Petter Northug, a Norwegian cross country skier
  • Tom Petters, former CEO and chairman of Petters Group Worldwide
  • Petter Stenborg, Swedish actor and theatre director
  • Petter Sivlér, Swedish scientist.

In business:

  • Lister Petter, a British manufacturer of internal combustion engines
    • Petters Limited, a former manufacturer of internal combustion engines, and one of Lister Petter's predecessors
  • Petters Group Worldwide, a diversified company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota

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Lister Petter - Engine Ranges
... One of the most popular early Petter engines was the AVA series, AVA1 and AVA2 (1- and 2-cylinder engines respectively), and the Lister D ... In the writers opinion the Petter A range can be problematic especially in the raw water cooled marine version known as the Petter Mini-6 ... If possible use a genuine Petter gasket (old type that has asbestos reinforcement) In jellyfish infested waters a large basket type water strainer and an engine overheat alarm are must-ha ...
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