Peter Pan

  • (noun): A boyish or immature man; after the boy in Barrie's play who never grows up.
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Lost Boys (Peter Pan) - Hook
... In Hook, a film about a grown-up Peter Pan, there are at least two dozen Lost Boys of various ethnicity living in Neverland, whose clothes suggest that they left civilization at various times over the past century ... The boys are led by Rufio, who was hand-chosen by Peter as leader when he left Neverland to grow up as "Peter Banning" ... Initially, Rufio refuses to believe that Peter Banning is their former leader, nor do most of the boys ...
List Of Works Based On Peter Pan - References in Other Works
... (The Golden River) by Jaime Chávarri, the central character is a man named Peter whose wife Dubarry played the role of Tinker Bell in a theater play some years ago ... They had a son, but Peter killed the baby when he was only 3 months old because he thought the boy was growing up too fast ... Peter Pan is considered one of several enemies of the repressive government and is pursued by the League whose members include Lord Admiral Hook (Captain Hook ...
Sítio Do Picapau Amarelo - Monteiro Lobato's Children Novels
... Peter Pan ("The Story of Peter Pan") ... Benta tells the story of Peter Pan for their grandchildren ...
List Of Works Based On Peter Pan
... Peter Pan, his fellow characters, and the setting of Neverland have appeared in many works since the original books and play by J ... Street Hospital, to which Barrie gave the rights to the Peter Pan works these include adaptations of the main story in both animated and live-action films ... When dramatized, the character of Peter has usually — but not always — been played by an adult woman ...
Characters Of Peter Pan - The Darlings - George and Mary Darling
... He later remarks having seen a pirate ship such as Peter Pan's when he was very young himself ... In the book Peter and the Shadow Thieves, it states that he and Molly were childhood friends in their neighborhood of Kensington Gardens, and it is hinted in that ... is a nickname for Mary, who would later be listed as his wife in the book, "Peter Pan," it is assumed that Molly later married George Darling and gave birth to Wendy, John, and Michael ...

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  • (noun): The main character in a play by J. M. Barrie; a boy who won't grow up.

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    A ‘spasm band’ is a miscellaneous collection of a soap box, tin cans, pan tops, nails, drumsticks, and little Negro boys. When mixed in the proper proportions this results in the wildest shuffle dancing, accompanied by a bumping rhythm.
    —For the City of New Orleans, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Ellie: By the way, what’s your name?
    Peter: What’s that?
    Ellie: Who are you?
    Peter: Who, me? I’m the whippoorwill that cries in the night. I’m the soft morning breeze that caresses your lovely face.
    Ellie: You’ve got a name, haven’t you?
    Peter: Yeah, I got a name. Peter Warne.
    Ellie: Peter Warne? I don’t like it.
    Robert Riskin (1897–1955)