Permanent Council

The Permanent Council (Polish: Rada Nieustająca) was the highest administrative authority in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth between 1775 and 1789 and the first modern executive government in Europe. As is still typically the case in contemporary parliamentary politics, the members of the Council were selected from the parliament or Sejm of the Commonwealth. Even though it exerted some constructive influence in Polish politics and government, because of its unpopularity during the Partitions period, in some Polish texts it was dubbed as Zdrada Nieustająca - Permanent Betrayal.

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Ambassadors And Envoys From Russia To Poland (1763–1794) - Otto Magnus Von Stackelberg (1772–1790)
... ratified the treaty (on 30 September 1773), and established the Permanent Council – a small body that both promised to reform the inefficient Polish governance which, Stackelberg ... as was seen in their support for the Permanent Council, yet the Zamoyski Codex, which offered a chance for the significant reform of the Polish governance, was ... to the Russian garrisons controlling Poland, von Stackelberg ordered his proxies in the Permanent Council to spend the money on a different goal for the huge sum of 1 million zlotys (repre ...
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... was signed in Geneva on February 16, 1933, providing a legal framework for a permanent collaboration among the member states ... According to that treaty, a Permanent Council together with a Permanent Secretary were to be established ... The meetings of the proposed Council were to be held in the capitals of the member states at least three times per year, thus enhancing a regular harmonization of foreign ...
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... The Permanent Council is one of the two main political bodies of the Organization of American States, the other being the General Assembly ... The Permanent Council is established under Chapter XII of the OAS Charter ... The chair of the Council rotates among these permanent representatives of the member states, with each country chairing the Council for a six-month period ...

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