Periphery may refer to:

  • Periphery (band)
  • Periphery (album), by Periphery
  • Periphery (BattleTech)
  • Periphery countries, a category of less-developed nations
  • The suburbs of a town or city

Other articles related to "periphery":

Touch - Anatomy - Periphery
... In the periphery, the somatosensory system detects various stimuli by sensory receptors, e.g ...
List Of Slipknot Tribute Albums - Songs - "The Heretic Anthem" Cover
... The Heretic Anthem (Slipknot Cover)" cover by Periphery from the album Periphery II This Time It's Personal Released July 3, 2012 Genre Progressive Metal, Djent ...
Semi-periphery Countries - Effects
... powerful cores and the backwaters of the far periphery allowed those two zones to interact with greater ease ... during the 13th-century world system, the semi-periphery areas around Europe's Mediterranean Coast facilitated trade between the peripheries of the more manufacturing based Northern Europe and the ... developments, particularly in the advancement of democracy, originate in the semi-periphery ...

Famous quotes containing the word periphery:

    We make a mistake forsaking England and moving out into the periphery of life. After all, Taormina, Ceylon, Africa, America—as far as we go, they are only the negation of what we ourselves stand for and are: and we’re rather like Jonahs running away from the place we belong.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)