The word pedal comes from the Latin (pes, Pedis) and relates to the foot.

A pedal is a lever activated by one's foot. The term "foot pedal" is redundant, and should be avoided. Examples include:

In Transport:

  • Automobile pedal
  • Bicycle pedal
  • Pedalo, a small boat, usually used for recreational purposes, powered by pedals
  • Rudder pedals, controlling aircraft rudders

In Music:

  • Piano pedals
  • Pedal keyboard, on pipe and electronic organs, which contains approximately one dozen to three dozen pedals that resemble the keyboards (or "manuals"); when one of these pedals is depressed, it causes a note (or group of notes) to sound
  • Pedal harp, the modern orchestral harp with pedals used to change the tuning of its strings
  • Effects pedal, used commonly for electric guitars
  • Pedal point, a type of nonchord tone, usually in the bass
  • Pedal tone, a fundamental tone played on brass instruments

In Geometry:

  • Pedal triangle, a triangle obtained by projecting a point onto the sides of a triangle
  • Pedal curve, a curve derived by construction from a given curve

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Mini E - Specifications - Performance
... A software mediated delay makes the vehicle hesitate a little when the acceleration pedal is first pressed ... Once the driver's right foot leaves the acceleration pedal, the Mini E starts full regenerative braking ... The vehicle slows down significantly as if the brake pedal were pressed and the brake lights will turn on ...
Mike Spreitzer - Equipment
... Mike use ESP guitars, Randall amplification, Blackstar and Maxon pedals ... custom Randall Rm100 (mr.scary/grail/super v modules) Blackstar series one 200 Boss volume pedal Ernie ball volume pedal Maxon Od-808(he runs this pedal all the time ...
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... late 2007 Fender introduced a low-priced amplifier and range of effect pedals under the Starcaster by Fender name ... These included a blue "Distortion/Eq" pedal, a green-yellow Chorus pedal, an orange Flanger pedal and the "Starcaster 15G" 15W amplifier ...
Soft Pedal
... The soft pedal (or una corda pedal) is one of the standard pedals on a piano, generally placed leftmost among the pedals ... On a grand piano this pedal shifts the whole action including the keyboard slightly to the right, so that hammers which normally strike all three of the strings for a note strike only two ...