Peace Talks

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Second East Turkestan Republic - National Army
... pressure from Moscow on Ili rebels' leadership, which agreed to follow orders from Moscow to begin peace talks with Kuomintang ... First peace talks between Ili rebels and Kuomintang followed Chiang Kai Shek's speech on China State Radio, offering "to peacefully resolve Xinjiang ... These peace talks were mediated by the Soviet Union and started in Urumchi on October 14, 1945 ...
M. Sivasithamparam - Political Career
... Whilst in India Sivasithamparam took part in numerous peace talks ... He took part in further peace talks in the late 1990s ... Ill health and failure of peace talks forced him to return to Tamil Nadu ...
1999–2002 FARC–Government Peace Process - Peace Process - Formal Dialogues Begin - Frozen Dialogues
... Pastrana replied with a threat to end the peace process if the FARC carried out the kidnappings ... The FARC had purportedly frozen the peace talks because of the government's spraying of glyphosate to eradicate illegal crops as stated in the Plan Colombia ... Pastrana convinced him to begin formal peace-talks on May 6 ...
Mahamat Nouri - Peace Talks
... Eventually talk peaces sponsored by the Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi began in Tripoli on June 23 between the Chadian government, whose delegation was led by Infrastructure Minister Adoum Younousmi ... Through these talks a preliminary peace agreement was signed on October 3, which was criticized by part of the rebels as being too vague regarding the terms for disarmament and reintegration of their ... Further negotiations brought on October 25 to a final peace agreement signed on October 25 in Sirte, at the presence of Déby, Gaddafi and the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir ...
Baling Talks - The Withdrawal of The Amnesty Offer
... Following the talks, the Tunku decided to withdraw the offer of an amnesty on 8 February 1956, five months after if had been offered ... I have taken." Despite the failure of the Baling talk, the MCP made further efforts to resume peace talks with the Malayan Government but to no avail ... A few weeks after the Baling talks, Tan Siew Sin received a letter from Chen Tien, requesting a resumption of peace talks and the repeal of the emergency regulations ...

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    Away with us he’s going,
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