Peace News - Peace News Publications (partial List)

Peace News Publications (partial List)

  • The Unknown Soldier by Harry Emerson Fosdick,(Reprint) 1943.
  • Forced Labour in the Colonies by J.W. Cowling, 1943.
  • Big Powers and Little Powers: A Parable by Laurence Housman, 1944.
  • "I work to outlaw war" by Henry Hilditch, 1944.
  • Law Versus War by Vera Brittain, 1944.
  • Science, wisdom and war by Alexander Wood, 1944.
  • A Problem for the Gentiles: On Anti-Semitism by James Parkes, 1944.
  • Laugh it off!: war-time buns from the gutter by "Owlglass" 1944.
  • Are Pacifists Mistaken? by Patrick Figgis, 1945.
  • Military Conscription After the War?
  • The Indian problem by A.K. Jameson, 1945.
  • Non-violence goes Latin by Devere Allen, 1946.
  • Humbug for Hodge by John Middleton Murry, 1946.
  • The Deeper Challenge of the Atom Bomb by Alexander Wood, 1946.
  • The Police Idea by Stuart Denton Morris, 1946.
  • America's great social problem by Sydney Dawson Bailey, 1947.
  • Facts About Atomic Energy by Kathleen Lonsdale, 1947.
  • India Gets Her Freedom by Samar Ranjan Sen, 1948.
  • Pacifism and the free society : a reply to John Middleton Murry by Edgar Leonard Allen, 1948.
  • Over to Pacifism by Garry Davis, 1949.
  • The Right Thing to Do: Together with The Wrong Thing to Do by Alex Comfort, 1949.
  • East and West by Heinz Kraschutzki, 1949.
  • Power or Peace : Western industrialism and World leadership, by Wilfred Wellock, 1950.
  • Pacifism and the political struggle by Donald Port, 1950.
  • The challenge of our times :annihilation or creative revolution? by Wilfred Wellock, 1951.
  • Guns for the Germans? The arguments for and against German rearmament by Basil Davidson, 1951.
  • Japan for Peace or War?:The Case Against Remilitarising Japan by Basil Davidson, 1951.
  • Gandhi : the practical peace-builder by John S. Hoyland, 1952.
  • Social responsibility in science and art by Alex Comfort, 1952.
  • That which essentially belongs to man by Stuart Morris and Reginald Reynolds, 1952

(published with War Resisters Internation).

  • Plain words on war by Sybil Morrison, 1952.
  • Defence without arms : a psychologist examines non-violent resistance by Dorothy Glaiste, 1952.
  • Far Eastern time fuse : the Japanese Peace Treaty : what it says and what it really means

by the Union of Democratic Control and Peace Pledge Union; distributed by Peace News. 1952.

  • Empire in crisis : a survey of conditions in the British colonies today by

Fenner Brockway, 1953.

  • Iron hand and wooden head: British Guiana; an indictment of Mr. Oliver Lyttelton by

Emrys Hughes, 1953.

  • Egypt: cross-road on a world highway by Hugh Joseph Schonfield, 1953.
  • Neutrality: Germany's way to peace by Canon Stuart Morris, 1953.
  • The Camp of Liberation by Abraham John Muste 1954.
  • The Third Camp by John Banks, 1954.
  • Waging peace: The need for a change in British policy by Richard Acland, 1954.
  • Security through disarmament by Sybil Morrison (1954)
  • The "Peace News" story: Pioneering in pacifist journalism, with a practical guide for propagandists by

Harry Mister (1954)

  • Freedom for Cyprus by Christopher Lake, 1956.
  • Truth About Kenya: An Eye-Witness Account by Eileen Fletcher, 1956.
  • Nato : a critical examination of the North Atlantic treaty organisation by Roy Sherwood
  • What is happening in Vietnam? by John Chinnery, 1956.
  • Bertrand Russell introduces Labour and the H-bomb by Emrys Hughes and Bertrand Russell, 1958.
  • Tyranny could not quell them : how Norway's teachers defeated Quisling during the Nazi occupation and what it means for unarmed defence today by Gene Sharp, 1958.
  • From Arrows to Atoms : a Catholic voice on the morality of war by Ciaran Mac an Fhaili, 1959.
  • Towards a non-violent society : a study of some social implications of pacifism by J. Allen Skinner, 1959.
  • Race Relations in Great Britain by Vernon Waughray, 1961.
  • Some psychological aspects of disarmament by Hildegard Forres, 1961.
  • Direct action by April Carter, 1962.
  • Political prisoners in Greece by Christopher Lake, 1962.
  • Nuclear testing and the arms race by Adam Roberts, 1962.
  • The Common Market : a challenge to unilateralists by April Carter, 1962.
  • The Century of Total War by Hugh Brock, 1962.
  • Nonviolent Resistance : men against war by Nicolas Walter, 1963.
  • On the duty of civil disobedience by Henry David Thoreau,

(Reprint: Introduced by Gene Sharp) 1963.

  • Letter to a Hindu by Leo Tolstoy (Reprint), 1963.
  • Civilian Defence by Adam Roberts (foreword by Alastair Buchan), 1964.
  • The anatomy of foreign aid by Sidney Lens, 1965.
  • To Keep the Peace; the United Nations peace force by Geoffrey Carnall, 1965.
  • Peace is Milk: Peace News Poets by Adrian Mitchell, 1966.
  • Vietnam, the political case for military withdrawal by Russell Johnson, 1967.
  • Wichita Vortex Sutra: Peace News Poets by Allen Ginsberg, 1969.
  • A Message to the Military Industrial Complex by Paul Goodman, 1969.
  • Revolution and Violence by Mulford Q. Sibley, 1969.
  • On War,National Liberation, and the State by Nigel Young, 1971.
  • The Buddhists in Vietnam: Reality and Response by Laura Hassler, 1972.
  • War Games by Nigel Gray and Ken Sprague, 1974.
  • Making Nonviolent Revolution by Howard Clark, 1977 (1st edition) 1981 (2nd edition) 2012 (3rd edition).
  • Taking Racism Personally: white anti-racism at the crossroads, by Keith Motherson et al., 1978
  • From Protest to Resistance: the direct action movement against nuclear weapons edited by Ross Bradshaw, Dennis Gould and Chris Jones, 1981
  • The Anti-Nuclear Songbook by Anonymous, illustrated by Pat Gregory, 1982.
  • It'll Make a Man of You: A feminist view of the arms race, Penny Strange, 1983, co-published with Mushroom Bookshop.
  • Preparing for Nonviolent Action by Howard Clark, Sheryl Crown, Angela McKee, and Hugh MacPherson (This was a joint publication of Peace News and CND), 1984.
  • Too Much Pressure : Cartoons by "Brick", edited and designed by Kathy Challis, 1986.
  • Against All War : Fifty Years of Peace News, 1936-1986 by Albert Beale, 1986.
  • How Britain was sold : why the US bases came to Britain by Andy Thomas and Ben Lowe, 1987.
  • Children Don't Start Wars by David Gribble, 2010.
  • Toward a Living Revolution: A five-stage framework for creating radical social change by George Lakey, 2012.
  • The March that Shook Blair: An Oral History of 15 February 2003

by Ian Sinclair, 2013.

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Peace News - Peace News Publications (partial List)
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