• (adj): Based on or tracing descent through the male line.
    Synonyms: patrilineal

Some articles on patrilinear:

Hup People - Lineage and Clans
... are based on unilinear descent, with patrilinear clans, and dispersed in exogamic units ... from the middle of the Tiquié river, there are several lines of patrilinear descent while all the members consider themselves descended from a common ancestor ... The exogamic unit in the Hupda social structure is the clan, patrilinear and patrilocal for preference ...
Gwlad - Society - Kindred Family
... Claims of dynastic legitimacy rested on it, and an extensive patrilinear genealogy was used to assess fines and penalties under Welsh law ... important, while the pencenedl (head of the family within four patrilinear generations) held special status, representing the family in transactions and having ... matter of homicide, all of the fifth cousins of a kindred (the seventh generation the patrilinear descendants of a common great-great-great-great-grandfather) were ultimately ...