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Auriga (constellation) - Notable Features - Stars - Stars With Planetary Systems
... There are five stars with confirmed planetary systems in Auriga there is also a white dwarf with a suspected planetary system ... It was discovered in 2002 through radial velocity measurements on the parent star ... HD 40979 is 33.3 parsecs from Earth, a spectral class F8V star of magnitude 6.74—just past the limit of visibility to the naked eye ...
COROT-2b - Characteristics
... is due to the intense heating from its parent star, which causes the outer layers of its atmosphere to bloat ... than would be expected given its location close to its parent star ... COROT-2b orbits its star approximately once every 1.7 days, and orbits the star in a prograde direction close to the star's equator ...
Transiting Extrasolar Planets - Established Detection Methods - Direct Imaging
... previously, planets are extremely faint light sources compared to stars and what little light comes from them tends to be lost in the glare from their parent star ... large (considerably larger than Jupiter), widely separated from its parent star, and hot so that it emits intense infrared radiation the images have then been made at infrared ... Coronagraphs are used to block light from the star while leaving the planet visible ...

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