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Flora Family - Characteristics
... Nevertheless, the parent body was almost certainly disrupted by the impact/s that formed the family, and Flora is probably a gravitational aggregate of most of the ... A noticeable fraction of the parent body has been lost from the family since the original impact, presumably due to later processes such as e.g ... estimated that Flora contains only about 57% of the parent body's mass (Tanga 1999), but about 80% of the mass in the present family ...
Universal Negro Improvement Association And African Communities League - Post-Garvey Era - Parent Body in Monrovia
... He took Liberian citizenship and moved the Parent Body of the UNIA there ... When Stewart died from cancer in 1964, the Parent Body was moved from Monrovia to Youngstown, Ohio, where James A ... Hargrave died in 1988, all his papers and other Parent Body material were turned over to the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio for safe-keeping ...
L Chondrite
... This indicates that the parent body was sizeable enough (greater than 100 km in diameter) to experience strong heating ... proportion of the L chondrites have been heavily shocked, which is taken to imply that the parent body was catastrophically disrupted by a large impact ... The parent body/bodies for this group are not known, but plausible suggestions include 433 Eros and 8 Flora, or the Flora family as a whole ...
Meteorite Types
... group all meteorite specimens that share a common origin on a single, identifiable parent body ... consistent with a common origin on a single parent body, even if that body is unidentified ... Several meteorite groups classified this way may come from a single, heterogeneous parent body or a single group may contain members that came from a variety of very similar but distinct ...
Universal Negro Improvement Association And African Communities League - Post-Garvey Era - Philadelphia Parent Body
... some divisions severed ties with the Monrovia Parent Body after the Rehabilitation Conference, a number also continued to report to Monrovia consistent with the laws in the constitution ... divisions associated with the Philadelphia Parent Body ...

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