Parametric may refer to:

  • Parametric equation
  • Parametric statistics
  • Parametric derivative
  • Parametric plot
  • Parametric model
  • Parametric oscillator
  • Parametric contract
  • Parametric insurance
  • Parametric feature based modeler
  • Spontaneous parametric down conversion
  • Optical parametric amplifier
  • Parametric Technology Corporation
  • Parametric Polymorphism

Other articles related to "parametric":

Sectrix Of Maclaurin - Parametric Equations
... Then converting the polar equation above to parametric equations produces ... So if the origin is shifted to the right by a/2 then the parametric equations are ...
Parallel Parametric Test
... Parallel parametric test is an emerging strategy for wafer-level parametric testing that involves concurrent execution of multiple tests on multiple scribe line test structures ...
Spectral Density Estimation - Techniques
... for spectrum estimation can generally be divided into parametric and non-parametric methods ... The parametric approaches assume that the underlying stationary stochastic process has a certain structure which can be described using a small number ... By contrast, non-parametric approaches explicitly estimate the covariance or the spectrum of the process without assuming that the process has any particular structure ...
Semiparametric Regression
... In statistics, semiparametric regression includes regression models that combine parametric and nonparametric models ... not perform well or when the researcher wants to use a parametric model but the functional form with respect to a subset of the regressors or the density of the errors is not known ... and, since semiparametric models contain a parametric component, they rely on parametric assumptions and may be misspecified and inconsistent, just like a fully ...