Parallel Port

A parallel port is a type of interface found on computers (personal and otherwise) for connecting peripherals. In computing, a parallel port is a parallel communication physical interface. It is also known as a printer port or Centronics port. The IEEE 1284 standard defines the bi-directional version of the port, which allows the transmission and reception of data bits at the same time.

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Internet Radio Linking Project - Requirements - IRLP Hardware
... all the cables between the board and computer parallel port (with sub-hoods) and terminates in a male DB-9 connector for interface into the radio ... outputs, and the IRLP software looks for short pulses at the parallel port pins 10,12,13,15 in order to acknowledge a DTMF digit ... HCF4081 (pins 3,4,10,11) connect to the parallel port and provide the pulsed input that IRLP needs ...
CD64 (Nintendo) - Criticisms
... The PC parallel port function requires a special adaptor (PPA, Parallel Port Adaptor) and a DB25 Parallel Port cable that are sold separately ...
Wiggler (JTAG) - Client Support - JTAG Adapter Hardware
... Adapters which support high speed trace ports generally include several megabytes of trace buffer and provide high speed links (USB or Ethernet) to get that data to the ... Personal computer parallel port adapters are simple and inexpensive, but they are relatively slow because they use the host CPU to change each bit ("bit ... They have declined in usefulness because newer computers do not have parallel port hardware ...
Unidirectional Parallel Ports
... In early parallel ports the data lines were unidirectional (data out only) so it was not easily possible to feed data in to the computer ...

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