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Le Jeu De La Hache
2r-v, paragraphs 1-4), a main section (paragraphs 4-51) describing combat between two right-handed opponents, followed by a shorter part (paragraphs 52-73) discussing how a right-handed knight should deal with a ...
Anglo-Saxon Law - Statistical Analysis
... A survey is rendered almost impossible by the arbitrary manner in which paragraphs are divided, by the difficulty of making Old English enactments fit into modern rubrics, and by the necessity of multiple counting ... There are roughly 419 paragraphs devoted to criminal law and procedure as against 91 concerned with questions of private law and civil procedure ... The law of status had no less than 107 paragraphs, dictated by the wish to discriminate between the classes of society ...
Constitution Of Liechtenstein - Amendments
... The constitution has been amended several times, including 1939 Article 49, paragraph 4 inserted (allowing substitutions for Landtag members unable to attend), article 53 amended 1947 Article 48, paragraphs 2. 1972 Article 16, paragraphs 6 and 7 annulled ... Article 17, paragraph 1 amended ...
Barcelona Charter - Contents
... The Barcelona Charter describes in a few paragraphs how conservation and restoration of traditional ships in operation should be done ... The aim of all paragraphs is to safeguard the particular historic value of a vessel for future generations although the vessel is still in operation and therefore ... A detailed commentary on all paragraphs of the Charter was developed by the maritime historian Ingo Heidbrink ...
Dream Pool Essays - Book Chapters of The Meng Xi Bi Tan
... The Humanities Official life and the imperial court (60 paragraphs) Academic and examination matters (10 paragraphs) Literary and artistic (70 paragraphs) Law and police (11 ...

Famous quotes containing the word paragraphs:

    Sentences and paragraphs. Sentences are not emotional but paragraphs are. I can say that as often as I like and it always remains as it is, something that is. I said I found this out first in listening to Basket my dog drinking. And anybody listening to any dog’s drinking will see what I mean.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)

    In a time of confusion and rapid change like the present, when terms are continually turning inside out and the names of things hardly keep their meaning from day to day, it’s not possible to write two honest paragraphs without stopping to take crossbearings on every one of the abstractions that were so well ranged in ornate marble niches in the minds of our fathers.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Footnotes are the finer-suckered surfaces that allow tentacular paragraphs to hold fast to the wider reality of the library.
    Nicholson Baker (b. 1957)