Papal Election

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Pietro Senex
... He subscribed the papal bulls between March 8, 1114 and April 10, 1129 ... Papal vicar at Rome, 1117–20 ... He participated in the papal election, 1118, in which pope Gelasius II was elected ...
Pope Sixtus IV - Biography - Papal Election
... Upon election to pope he adopted the name Sixtus – a name that had not been used since the 5th century ... France, who upheld the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges (1438), according to which papal decrees needed royal assent before they could be promulgated in France ...
Papal Election, 1130 - The Schism
... Both elections were irregular, because they contradicted the rules established by the decree In Nomine Domini in 1059, but both sides defended the ... Nomine Domini had to play the preeminent role in the election ... parties used, by analogy, the Benedictine rule, which stated that in the case of a double election for abbot, the valid election was the one made by "the sounder part" (sanior pars) of the electors ...

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    Last evening attended Croghan Lodge International Order of Odd Fellows. Election of officers. Chosen Noble Grand. These social organizations have a number of good results. All who attend are educated in self-government. This in a marked way. They bind society together. The well-to-do and the poor should be brought together as much as possible. The separation into classes—castes—is our danger. It is the danger of all civilizations.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)