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Scenario Paintball or Arcade Paintball

Scenario games are much more tactical, diverging from the sport's 'capture the flag' roots. Some scenario games feature an overall theme, such as D-Day, in which the participants may wear period uniforms or wield markers that have been modified to resemble period weaponry.

In North America, certain parks (D-Day Adventure Park, Bigfoot Paintball) gained worldwide recognition with their Big Games like Oklahoma D-Day, & Mega War Game, with its thousands of players. In Québec, one of the most spectacular events was played at Bigfoot Paintball, with a record 976 players for the Mega War Game in 2009. "A couple of times a year, something strange happens in the foothills of Québec…500 players get together for one of the most intense paintball battles in the world. This year was no different."

There are a lot of different mil-sim teams, with their dress code, rank system & game rules that try to simulate actual military operations. The equipment that is available to them has evolved greatly since the time of hand cocked guns and fluorescent colors. Paintball markers can be bought or made to look almost identical to real guns such as the MP5, M16, and AK-47 with the aid of shrouds. Smoke grenades, paint grenades, bazookas, ballistic helmets, and tactical vests are also available.

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