Pain Behavior

Some articles on pain:

Animal Rights Activists - Philosophical and Legal Approaches - Utilitarianism
... Commentators on all sides of the debate now accept that animals suffer and feel pain, although it was not always so ... trained in the US before 1989 were taught to ignore pain, he writes, and at least one major veterinary hospital in the 1960s did not stock narcotic analgesics for animal pain control ... "scientifically acceptable" evidence that they could feel pain ...

Famous quotes containing the words behavior and/or pain:

    To a first approximation, the intentional strategy consists of treating the object whose behavior you want to predict as a rational agent with beliefs and desires and other mental states exhibiting what Brentano and others call intentionality.
    Daniel Clement Dennett (b. 1942)

    Food=joy ... guilt ... anger ... pain ... nurturing ... friendship ... hatred ... the way you look and feel.... Food=everything you can imagine.
    Susan Powter, U.S. talk-show host. Food, p. 15, Simon & Schuster (1995)