Page Table

A page table is the data structure used by a virtual memory system in a computer operating system to store the mapping between virtual addresses and physical addresses. Virtual addresses are those unique to the accessing process. Physical addresses are those unique to the hardware, i.e., RAM.

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IBM 1130 - Programming Examples - Sample Assembler Program Deck
... PROGRAM * NEW PAGE ON PRINTER * A READ A CARD * CONVERT FORMAT * PRINT A LINE ON PRINTER * GOTO A * START LIBF PRNT1 GOTO NEW PAGE ON 1132 DC /3100 PRINTER CHANNEL 1-NEW PAGE * NEXTC LIBF CARD0 READ FROM 1442 ... HLEBC is not a subroutine but an IBM-supplied Hollerith-to-EBCDIC conversion table ... The CALL statement provides the address of the table to ZIPCO and ensures that the linking loader includes the table in the program, thus it is the fifth parameter to ZIPCO ...
PSE-36 - Operation
... PSE alone (by setting bit 4, PSE, of the system register CR4) allows to use large 4 MB pages along with normal 4 KB pages ... then 4 more bits, in addition to the 10 bits used in PSE, are used inside a page directory entry pointing to a large page ... This allows a large page to be located in 36 bit address space ...
Page (computer Memory) - Page Size Trade-off - Page Size Versus Page Table Size
... A system with a smaller page size uses more pages, requiring a page table that occupies more space ... For example, if a 232 virtual address space is mapped to 4KB (212 bytes) pages, the number of virtual pages is 220 =( 232 / 212) ... However, if the page size is increased to 32KB (215 bytes), only 217 pages are required ...
NX Bit - Hardware Background
... There was no 'Executable' flag in the page table entry (page descriptor) in the 80386 and later x86 processors, until, to make this capability available to operating systems using the flat memory model ... The page-level mechanism has been around for years in various other processor architectures such as DEC's (now HP's) Alpha, Sun's SPARC, and IBM's System/370-XA, System/390, z/Architecture and ... the most significant bit) of a 64-bit entry in the page table ...
Page Table Types - Nested Page Tables
... Nested page tables can be implemented to increase the performance of hardware virtualization ... By providing hardware support for page-table virtualization, the need to emulate is greatly reduced ... For x86 virtualization the current choices are Intel's Extended Page Table feature and AMD's Rapid Virtualization Indexing feature ...

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