Ozma may refer to:

  • Ozma of Oz, a 1907 and third book in the Oz series
  • Ozma (album), a 1989 album by the Melvins
  • Ozma (band), a rock band from Pasadena, California
  • Ozma Wars, a 1979 arcade game
  • Project Ozma, a pioneering SETI experiment in the 1960s led by Frank Drake
  • The Ozma problem, a philosophical problem posed in The Ambidextrous Universe by Martin Gardner
  • Ozuma (オズマ?, stylized as OZMA) is a 2012 Japanese anime television series.

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... Ozma (オズマ?, romaji Ozuma, stylized as OZMA) is a 2012 Japanese anime television series ... Sam pursues Ozma, an enemy of his brother ...
The Forbidden Fountain Of Oz - The Plot
... she drops and breaks her pitcher but that customer is Princess Ozma, who drinks the drink and loses her memory ... Wandering off and losing her crown, Ozma falls in with a series of new acquaintances, including the Monarch of the Butterflies (who names her "Poppy" after the flowers in her hair) and a ... Outfitted in boy's clothes and hat, Ozma/Poppy meets a lamb named Lambert, who is ostracized from his Gillikin flock for his unnatural white color ...
List Of Fables Characters - Thirteenth Floor Fables - Maddy
... Ozma used her to find Frau Totenkinder before she went into seclusion ... Maddy seems to be second in command to Ozma, the same way that Ozma herself was always second to Totenkinder ...
Pastoria - The Classic Books By L. Frank Baum
... The Wonderful Wizard of Oz also describes Princess Ozma as "the only child of the former Ruler of Oz, and was entitled to rule in his place." L ... Wizard in Oz, chronicles that Pastoria's father (Ozma's grandfather) ruled Oz before the wicked witches conquered the land and divided it among themselves, but makes it unclear as to ... Ozma explains in this book that all Ozian rulers were named "Oz" if male and "Ozma" if female the fact that her father had a personal name makes it questionable as to whether he had the ...
Ozma - People
... DJ Ozma, Japanese pop singer Ozma, Greek Graffiti Writer Ozma, Persian Tyrant, AKA Velayat-e Faqih, a position currently occupied by Ali Khamenei ...