Override may refer to:

  • Override (short film)
  • OverRide (video game)
  • Overriders, an insurance term
  • Overriding (mathematics)
  • Manual override, a function where an automated system is placed under manual control
  • Method overriding, a computer programming technique
  • Veto override, a procedure employed by the U.S. Congress
  • Dr. Gregory Herd, a Marvel Comics character formerly named Override
  • Overrider, a Marvel Comics mutant
  • Override, a character on the anime TV series Transformers: Cybertron
  • Overriding aorta, a medical condition in which Aorta emerge from abnormal position.

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List Of Transformers: Cybertron Characters - Autobots - Velocitron Autobots - Override
... Override/Override GTS Cybertron Override toy with Brakedown in Savage Claw mode ... ruler of Velocitron, the Sonic Commander Override (Onsoku Shireikan Nitro Convoy)'s life is dominated by racing, to the extent that she would not impart information ... Override transforms into a race car (most likely a Lotus), and her Cyber Key power allows her to boost her engine speed (Nitro Boost) ...
Swing Worker - Usage in Java 6.0 - SwingWorker Solution - Complete Worker Example
... JButton button = new JButton("Open XML") button.addActionListener(new ActionListener { @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { SwingWorker worker = new SwingWorker { @Override public Document ...
Busy Override
... Busy override is a function of the private branch exchange that allows the calling party to override the busy signal on the called party in order to break into the ongoing conversation ... The Busy override function was originally intended to allow the called party to receive a high priority, implying that the call is very important, and should be handled first ...
Bud Heidgerken
... made news in the 2008 legislative session by being one of six house Republicans to vote to override Governor Tim Pawlenty's veto of a transportation bill ... with this vote, he and the other Republicans who voted to override the veto had their leadership positions taken away ... Other house members who voted to override faced caucus challenges or decided to retire, as well ...