Overhead Lines

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Tram Accident - Rescue Tactics
... In tram accidents, overhead lines and various electrical devices in a tram can create a risk in firefighting and rescue operations (see overhead lines in picture 12) ... The tram, the tracks and the overhead lines may need repair (see gallery picture 6, gallery picture 7, and gallery picture 8) ...
... At the end of the Second World War overhead lines were installed to allow for the passage of trolleybuses ... for public transportation in Rotterdam, as the overhead lines were removed from the tunnel and used to repair the Rotterdam tramway network overhead lines which had been destroyed ... due to the sabotage of the detonators (the overhead lines) by the Dutch resistance the explosives were not detonated ...
Railway Electric Traction - Unit Types - Multi-system Units - India
... In India 1500 V DC and 25 kV AC, 50 Hz, is used for main line trains ... The 1500 V DC overhead system (negative earth, positive catenary) is used around Mumbai ... The Mumbai region is the last bastion of 1500 V DC electrified lines on Indian Railways ...
Passenger Rail Terminology - Comparison of Types
... At grade Mixed - mostly grade separated Grade separated Grade separated Power supply Overhead lines Overhead lines Third rail Fourth rail Overhead lines Third rail ...

Famous quotes containing the words lines and/or overhead:

    Was seiz’d by the spirit that trails in the lines underfoot,
    The rim, the sediment that stands for all the water and all the land
    of the globe.

    Fascinated, my eyes reverting from the south, dropt, to follow those slender windrows,
    Chaff, straw, splinters of wood, weeds, and the sea-gluten,
    Scum, scales from shining rocks, leaves of salt-lettuce, left by the tide,
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    What a fog! Plane been buzzin’ around overhead for the last half hour. Must be like trying to find your way through the inside of a cow. I never did see such a country. Even the birds are walkin’.
    Dalton Trumbo (1905–1976)